Required Data

A small number of data are required to enable us to offer our service to schools. The data that are required are given below.

The data can be supplied as Excel or CSV files.

School Data
School Name
School Postcode
Student Data
Admission Number
First Name
NC Year
Teacher Data
First Name

Preparing and Sending Your Data

The simplest way to prepare your data is to use Microsoft Excel. Data can be exported directly out of SIMS in Excel format. However, you will need to ensure that duplicate records are removed. The data for the school, teachers and students can be placed in the separate sheets of an Excel workbook. An example Excel data file is available here.

You may also prepare and send in your data as one or more CSV text files.

Alternatively, you can upload your data via our site using a DBA account that we will set up for you. If necessary, you can also post the data to us. Click here for our contact details.

In addition to pupil and teacher data, you will need to provide us with the names and email addresses of two contacts.

The first should be the person who we need to liaise with during the set-up phase and to deal with any subsequent queries.

The second contact should be your school's database administrator (DBA). A separate account will be created for this person on our database server. This will enable your DBA to update student data as and when changes occur, for example, if a student moves into a different teaching group or if a new student joins the school.