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Originally founded by a student of the New York University, our writing service was condemned by the university, and the site was dismantled.

He then attempted to open the site under another name, but it was simply not successful, and the domain eventually expired. The current owner registered our original domain name with a mission of providing students with an ability to share information and academic works with one another in order to improve research and writing skills. This was an arduous task. The owner had to manually upload each work, and the site simply could not grow to be of benefit to many students. Pushed to learn the more sophisticated methods of designing and maintaining a website that could use the latest technology, the owner gathered experts around him, some of whom remain with the company today.

Now, hundreds of academic works can be uploaded daily, automatically categorized by subject and type, and placed into a giant database for students to use.

Today, our writing service receives thousands of visitors a day and uploads hundreds of essays and papers in each day as well. While the site is maintained with cutting edge technology, it is still owned by the same individual, and there is still much work that is completed by a large staff of professionals who review the quality and originality of each submitted piece.

The vision of the owner has not changed since the company’s inception. The goal is to provide a clearinghouse of academic information, assistance, academic works, and conversation among students who are attempting to improve their understanding and their academic writing skills. Till this time, students submit original works to our database and in return have the opportunity to use the database for study and review of their own. Students who do not submit works pay a small fee to access the database and search for works that may help them as they research and create their own papers in any subject field.

Here are the benefits for our visitors and members:

We promote academic honesty and integrity

We are proud of our policies and guidelines regarding student use of our database. We check each submission for originality and submit each accepted work to a plagiarism detection tool. Our guides show students how to properly cite and give credit to the work of others that they are using in their own works.

It is important that the students both understand the concept of plagiarism and become motivated to avoid it, and to develop consistent methods for plagiarism detection within the academic community. We believe that academicians poses the ability to identify services that are honest and ethical and to improve their capability of detecting plagiarism.